​von der Schäfers Weg

Working German and Dutch Shepherd Dogs

The Young Dogs

These dogs may be young and unproven, but so far, they're showing us everything we want to see.


Copperloch Grip and Grin
DM-DNA Clear
SDCA 1 & 2- DNA Clear


Vise came to us at 8 weeks old from Milan Hess.  He is showing us everything we want to see in a young Dutch Shepherd.  He is confident, social, has solid nerves, extremely smart, willing to work with his handler, good with the other dogs, has a good nose and a great grip.  What more could we ask for?  

Puca Angel of the Moon
DM-DNA Clear
SDCA 1 & 2- DNA Clear

We headed off to France to pick Puca up at 11 weeks old from Marie Chaize.  This fun, mischievous girl keeps us on our toes.  Puca has a wonderful, natural herding ability that is fascinating to watch and she has a phenomenal nose that she uses well.  We are excited to watch her grow and see how her talents develop.  

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