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"We" are Craig and Kelley Lewis.

The two of us met while training dogs and we have been together ever since.  We have lived in beautiful north Idaho, between Spokane WA and Coeur d'Alene ID since 2000.  We are blessed with two handsome sons, Ezekiel and Eli.

We do not have a huge kennel, but as Max von Stephanitz so eloquently stated, "Breeding on a large scale and in a kennel is the ruin of all sound shepherd dog breeding.  It is not possible to keep shepherd dogs in "herds"... his master must be able to be busy with him, especially as a young dog."  We only keep a few dogs that we live with and work with so we know how they act and react in all life situations and not just on a trial field. 

While we started out with German Shepherd Dogs and we will always have a love of the breed, we have turned our main focus to the Dutch Shepherd.  Our aim is to have an open and transparent breeding program so as to improve the health, structure and temperament of the breed while still maintaining versatile working ability.  We are not striving to produce extreme dogs, but rather solid and dependable shepherds that can function in all aspects of life. 

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