​von der Schäfers Weg

Working German and Dutch Shepherd Dogs

The Girls

These are our girls.  They are bold, they are beautiful, and they work.


Alle Charme Kaiannco  CGC, BH-VT

HD - OFA Prelim Good, PennHip LDI .27, RDI .28
ED- OFA Prelim Normal

Spine - OFA Normal
Eyes - OFA Normal
Dentition - OFA Full, Scissor bite

DM-DNA Clear
SDCA 1 & 2- DNA Clear



Alle came to us from Kaiannco Kennel in the Czech Republic.  She is everything we could have asked for and more.  Alle is happy, outgoing and confident.  She is independent enough to work away from us yet still very responsive to commands.  She has a true shepherd temperament and is intuitive with her family and handler.  Alle truly has it all:  Health, Temperament, Drive, Looks.  We really hit the jackpot when we found this girl and we are truly grateful that her breeder has trusted us with her. 

Devi von der Schäfers Weg  TKP



Devi is our little fireball.  She is smart; fast; wants to please her handler; has oodles of drive; a calm, deep grip and an accurate nose that doesn't miss a thing.  It doesn't hurt that she is a looker to boot!  Devi will not be used as part of our breeding program due to an immune mediated keratitis that she developed at just over a year old and a reactive temperament, but she is still a really fun and exciting part of our crew.  Our latest endeavor to keep Devi's mind busy is learning tricks.  From the time we started doing tricks, Devi earned her Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Performer titles in just over a month.  I'd say she likes it!


Esi von der Schafers Weg


HD - OFA Fair, ED- OFA Normal

Heart - OFA Normal, Patellas- OFA Normal

DM-DNA Carrier (DDC Veterinary)


Esi was born and raised here at our home.  She stood out from just a few weeks old.  Esi has grown to become all that we could ever hope for from a solid working German Shepherd Dog.  She is kind and gentle to children, friends and other animals, yet fiercely protective of her family and property.  Esi is very eager to please and quick to learn.  She is linebred on Tom van't Leefdaalhof, with others, like Vito vom Waldwinkel, Ernst vom Weinbergblick, Metin vom Stadfeld, and Enny von der Mohnwiese making up her pedigree.  Esi is currently watching over Craig's parents in Montana and keeping them company.